We are a plumbing & heating company based in Royston, Hertfordshire Our company covers all surrounding areas including: Royston, Cambridge, Stevenage, Saffron Walden, Baldock, Bassingbourn, Bishops Storford, Buntingford, Duxford, Ely, Linton, Newmarket, Puckeridge, Trumpington and Whittlesford. Bretts Plumbing and Heating are fully qualified to work on Gas, Oil & LPG heating systems. Whether you are looking to service your boiler or install a new central heating system, Bretts Plumbing and Heating can help
Why Look After Your Heating System? Get the best from your gas heating and hot water with the servicing or replacement of your boiler system. Servicing entails cleansing of all internal parts, checking for wear & tear, checking and re-setting of gas pressures and motorised valve replacement. Keep yourself safe with recommended annual gas system safety checks. Gas boilers and fires with faults can be deadly- they can cause explosions & carbon-monoxide poisoning. Don't expose yourself to the risks; call us to check your system. An efficient system will make sure winter is left outdoors and your gas costs are kept low. A 'Condensing boiler' uses more of the gasses energy by essentially recycling flue gasses. Up to 95% efficient.

Underfloor Heating Under-floor heating has many advantages wherever it can be fitted. This is partly down to the fact of science that heat rises, so in areas of thin walls such as conservatories it is by far the most efficient. When set in a concrete floor it will work like a storage heater and also has the best protection against damage. Because the heat produced from under-floor heating is spread over the room as a whole, the heat rises to you rather than straight out of the wall like a radiator. This also means that you get the best control out of your thermostat.

Why Power Flushing?

Lime scale build-ups are inherent to water boilers and become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. We flush out this lime scale and bacteria within water piping in multiple treatment stages. Sludge and lime build-up in radiator piping and within boilers will leave your system in-efficient and delayed if not treated. Power flushing removes all sludge and any blockages by using flushing chemicals. An inhibitor is used prevent future occurrences. Specialist Kamco, Sentinel, Fernox pump power flushing and descaling equipment is used so that you will receive faster, cleaner water flow, and enhanced heating response time. Counteract the rising gas and electricity costs with a more efficient system to get the most out of your power supply. All domestic boilers and Hot water tanks installed; Fan flue, combination boilers, electric boilers, gas condensing, hot water cylinders, ‘Mega Flow’ and Dual-Stream pressurised systems.


It is not only illegal for people to work with gas unless they are Gas Safe registered- it is also highly dangerous, so don't pay a cowboy to endanger your home and your family's life. Gas Safety Register, certificate number: 559124, ‘Paul Brett’.

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